Birth of Mithra

For Mohran it was going to be a busy day, all the sheep had to be moved to the next valley. The other shepherds always told him that he stayed too long on one valley, risking loss of all the grass being in the dry season without given the grass chance to replenish.

The sheep were still sleep, the sun would rise soon and the day would begin. Mohran stood up and stretched his body, he noticed a spider that had wondered onto his arm during his sleep, and was now alerted by Mohrans movement, the spider was running feverishly around his arm. He gently flicked off the spider onto the grass. The spider started running in the grass and eventually disappeared under a rock. Mohran realised that all his commotion had waken up Daker, and he was staring at him and waggling his tail. He padded Daker on the head, and started making his way up the hill. The morning chill was forcing him to rap his blanket tightly around him. Once on top of the hill he looked down at his flock of sheep and Daker, who by now had gone to sleep again. Mohrans thought started drifting about his flock, he had always looked well after them for five winters on his own. Their number had doubled during this time. He was proud. He had even once had to fight a wolf that tried attacking the flock on freezing winter day. His stick came in handy and while daker was circling around the wolf, Mohran managed to give him a few solid hits. Both Mohran and Daker had few bruises, but noting serious and Mohran was proud was his scar. The wolf ran off when Mohrans father and the other shepherds came to his help. That day the Olders of the village decided Mohran should have his own flock, and as it was custom each Older gave him one sheep. Moharn became the youngest shepherd in village of Koraj, when he was only nine summer old.

Standing on top of the hill, he stared wistfully onto the distant mountain. It won't be long before the first rays of the sun would come over the mountain and fall onto the valley. The sky was slowly becoming brighter as night began fading away as the dawn arrived.

Mohran bowed his head and saluted the rising sun, he stayed like that until the whole valley was engulfed in dawns light. As he stood there postulating toward the sun his fathers words were on his mind. He used to say to him that without the sun the worlds stayed in eternal darkness and the world would freeze and die. "Sun is the supreme lord that governs the movements of all the planets and even the revolutions of the heavens themselves, the one suffused with his light all his heart all of life here below". The people of his village were only concern about the number of their cattle, and they forgotten about the offerings to the sun. Mohran however always sacrificed a sheep when the first leaves of the turned yellow and gold like the colour of the sun himself. The scarifies would strength the sun in his fight with winter. Mohran always woke up before the dawn and saluted the sun as started making his journey across the sky .

After taking a final look at the mountain and the sun, he started making his way down the hill. Daker was already up and running and the whole was wake now. After having a simple breakfast of bread and cheese, he started gathering the herd together and moving them down further down valley toward the river, where they would rest for a while and after lunch would follow the river for rest of the day.

The sun was right over head and the herd had made it to the river in good time. Mohran choose the shade of one of the fig trees on the river bank to rest.

As he laid on the ground under a fig tree and stared blankly into the sky he noticed for the first time clouds that had been coming in from the west, the cloud seem to be moving faster than the light breeze he could fell. The cloud were covering the sky very quickly and it was not before long that the whole horizon was covered by dark clouds. Mohran noticed all the sheep had stooped grazing and simply stood motionless, Daker was staring toward one of the rocks on the bank of the river under a fig tree.

A flash of bright light and the sound of the distant thunder brought his attention back to the overhead events, more lighting ran across the sky and the sound became louder. Mohran had seen storms before, but none quite like this, there was balls of lighting hitting the ground some distant away, followed by few moments of complete silence. Looking at the clouds they seem to be alive, there seemed that a tunnel was appearing in the clouds briefly, suddenly it clasped on it self and reached out rod form with lighting sparking all around it, the whole valley was engulfed by blue light, the lighting rod hit the rock on the ground were daker had been staring at. The whole ground shook violently from the impact. Mohran fell on the ground, once the ground stopped shaking, he stood up looking at the remains of the rock, daker was still staring at the rock and sheep were still motionless, they seemed unaffected by the blast. He suddenly noticed he was eye level with the highest branch of the fig trees.

He frightfully looked down, and saw his body still lying on the ground. He kept on floating up the sound of lighting was only a whisper in his ear now. He was twice as high than tallest tree in the valley. He looked down again on his motionless flock and his own body. His mind was beginning to be filled with many images and thoughts about his life, he believed that he was dead. A loud voice broke all his thoughts and emptied his mind of all fear, the sound of the voice went right through him making all the fabric of his being vibrate in resonance with the sound. As he began to concentrate on the sound it became clear, it was a chant, and he found himself joining the chant YA DOST MITHRA.

Once he looked down his body and the sheep had gone, yet the valley still seemed same as before. Then looked up to see the origin of the chant, he saw from all direction men, lions and ravens flying in the sky all heading toward where lighting had hit the rock.

Mohran looked at this host of men, in clothes he never seen before, some wore robes, some part human part animal, some had armour and weapons, some bore bright torches, and some wore shepherds clothes like himself, there even were men in bridal gowns and some were dressed as merchants.

Of all the hundreds of men gathering one caught his attention, he was wearing a armour and helmet in one hand he held a large square shaped shield which was colour of blood and in the other hand he had long spear.

His face was familiar to Mohran, it was like looking onto a lake and seeing your own reflection on a moonlit night. The face is the same yet ghostly. He smiled at mohran and pointed where the whole gathering was looking at.

The rock that was hit by lighting was moving and all the broken fragments where floating around the rock. The rock kept on moving, it appered it was growning out of the ground. The rock started to glow red, a sharp contrast to rest of the valley which was still engilfed in blue light. Then the rock seemed almost liguid like water a sudden breeze from the east froze it momenterly, yet it kept on growing.

At last an outline of human figure began to take shape. Sound of galloping horses filled the air, four horses were coming, one from each quarter, rushing forth toward the rock. The figure was clearly human now, his was strong for a momemt his face was of a young boy and then of a old beared man, another moment mature man, his face was the face of all years. His head was adorned with a phrygrian cap, armed with a knife and carrying a torch on the other hand.

The four horse reached the figure and started circling him, as he touched each horse on the head, it stoped and bowed its head. As the last horse bowed its head, the colours of the figure changed, for a moment you could see red, yellow, green and blue all in the same time, then his body turned into flesh and he became into this world.

The Assembly shouted in the unison: " We have seen the birth of Our Lord Mithra from the Rock".

All the men dressed in the shedders clothing started moving toward Mithra, they all where carrying a sheep which they intended to offer to him. Mohran too wanted to make offering, yet he not knew what to offer. He was on the ground now and started walking toward Mithra, sound of barking made Mohran turn and he saw Daker and a his best sheep walking toward him. Mohran smiled and the sheep came onto his arm, he picked the sheep up and walked with the other shepherds toward Mithra.

They sacrificed the sheep while saying: "We sacrifice unto Mithra, the lord of wide pastures, who is truth-speaking, a chief in assemblies, with a thousand ears, well-shapen, with ten thousand eyes, high, with full knowledge, strong, sleepless, and ever awake".

Some of the older shepherds gave Lord Mithra fig leaves to cloth himself.

'Mithra stands up in his strength, he drives in the awfulness of royalty, and sends from his eyes beautiful looks that shine from afar, (saying):

''Who will offer me a sacrifice? Who will lie unto me? Who thinks me a god worthy of a good sacrifice? Who thinks me worthy only of a bad sacrifice? To whom shall I, in my might, impart brightness and glory? To whom bodily health? To whom shall I, in my might, impart riches and full weal? Whom shall I bless by raising him a virtuous offspring?

"'To whom shall I give in return, without his thinking of it, the awful sovereignty, beautifully. arrayed, with many armies, and most perfect; the sovereignty of an all-powerful tyrant, who fells down heads, valiant, smiting, and unsmitten; who orders chastisement to be done and his order is done at once, which he has ordered in his anger?" 'O Mithra! when thou art offended and not satisfied, he soothes thy mind, and makes Mithra satisfied.

'"To whom shall I, in my might, impart sickness and death? To whom shall I impart poverty and sterility? Of whom shall I at one stroke cut off the offspring!

'"From whom shall I take away, without his thinking of it, the awful sovereignty, beautifully arrayed, with many armies, and most perfect; the sovereignty of an all-powerful tyrant, who fells down heads, valiant, smiting, and unsmitten; who orders chastisement to be done and his order is done at once, which he has ordered in his anger." 'O Mithra! while thou art satisfied and not angry, he moves thy heart to anger, and makes Mithra unsatisfied. 'For his brightness and glory, I will offer him a sacrifice worth being heard of.

Mohran looked back at the assembly some of the men in white robes where writing these words that was spoken by Mithra, while some were chanting again, others were just looking, while men in armour where clapping their spears against their shield.

One of the men in white rob step forward and said: " bothers we have seen the beginning of our world, now let us depart to our own time".

Mohran turned around to Daker and said:" stay with our Lord"

Another man in white rob stepped forth with a bell which he stroked for three times.

The whole assembly began vanishing like a snow ball on a hot stove, Mohran felt like he was falling from a great height, next he found himself back in his body lying on the ground under the fig tree, he stood up and stretched his body, and looking into the sky, there was no sign of any storm. He smiled and thought to himself: "I had fallen sleep under the tree, it was very strange dream I just had. I must be working too hard under the sun."

He started to gather the sheep and to count them before moving on, there was one missing, and as for Daker, there was no sign of him either.

Later on that day he told his father about his dream and that he could not find Daker or one of the sheep.

His father told the Olders of the village his son's flocked was attacked by wolves and his son lost his dog and a sheep and the attacked has effected his son so much that he is sending him to neighbouring village to stay with his aunt for a while, His aunt will help him ti get better as she is a healer and knows all about plants.

Many years passed before any one heard of Moharn again. Mohran once passed through his village of Koraj, he gave many healing remedies to those who were ill in the village and Mohran's Father meet his two year old grandson Zaradusht.